GIA Report Results API Quickstart Guide

Use this guide to get started with the GIA Report Results API.

You will use the free and open-source Insomnia application to explore and query the API.

Before you begin

You will need:

Obtain your API key and URL by following the onboarding process described in GIA Report Results API.

Step 1: Download and install Insomnia Core

Visit and download Insomnia Core for your operating system.

Download Insomnia Core

After downloading the installer, double click the file to install the Insomnia. Now, open the application and get ready to create your first HTTP request.

Step 2: Create a GraphQL Request

To create your first request, click the plus icon at the top of the sidebar and select New Request.

Insomnia New Request

You will then be prompted to give the request a name and choose its HTTP method.

  1. Enter GIA Report Results into the Name field
  2. Choose POST
  3. Choose GraphQL
  4. Click Create

Insomnia New Request Dialog

After the request is created, enter the URL you received from GIA following the signup process.

Insomnia URL

Step 3: Enter your API key

You will need to add an HTTP Header Authorization with your key as the value.

  1. Click Header
  2. Enter Authorization as the Header
  3. Enter your API key as the Value

Insomnia Authorization

Leave the Content-Type header with value application/json

Step 4: Query the API

You are now ready to query the API.

Enter this query into the left-hand side of the Insomnia window and press Send.

  getReport(report_number: "2141438171") {
    results {
      ... on DiamondGradingReportResults {


Congratulations! You successfully queried the GIA Report Results API.

Step 5: Check your quota

GIA Report Results API usage is controlled by quotas. When your quota reaches zero, you will no longer be able to query for reports.

You may check your quota limit at any time by querying getQuota. Checking your quota does not affect your remaining quota.


Pro Tip: You can also obtain your remaining quota with each getReport request.

Step 6: Explore the API (Bonus!)

One of the great benefits of GraphQL is that the API has a well-defined schema. This means that you can learn about the API from the API itself and most tools will help you with features like auto-complete and documentation navigators.

In Insomnia, click the Schema icon and Show Documentation.

Show Schema

The documentation panel will open, allowing you to expore the API and its fields.